About me

Agnieszka Goclowska

Katapulta Design is the one-woman creative studio of a multiskilled designer and illustrator Agnieszka Goclowska Brasile. Her noticeable illustrations have well balanced composition and great sense of humor. Agnieszka’s eclectic influences and interests have helped her shape a rich graphic universe of suggestive textures and vivid colors. Her laid back, yet smart approach to imagemaking has found it’s way into numerous posters, logos, products, magazines, websites and books all over the globe.

Being always up to date with web technology, it maintains the characteristics of Italian style, its simplicity and elegance. When Agnieszka creates her web projects with a modern and pleasant look she uses best modern solutions such as Bootstrap, jQuery and SVG images.

As a designer and illustrator she works for different local institutes and organisations. Her design and illustration works promote Terni e Narni Horror Fest for over 5 years now and she is an art director of the Civilta Laica Magazine since 2009.

As a webdesigner and developer she created multiple websites, designed many webapps and interfaces for medical devices. Stay connected! Follow Katapulta Design on Instagram, Behance  and other social networks for recent portfolio updates.